Aerial Photography by Steve Troletti in Living Luxe Magazine - Fall Edition - 2022

My Aerial Photography in Living Luxe Magazine

Living Luxe Magazine is available online and in print. I highly recommend putting your hands on the print edition, the feel of the paper alone is a luxury lifestyle experience. Luxe Living Magazine will immerse you in our very own special local flavor of Florida as well as transport you across the nation to experience some of the finest destinations, cultures, and mouthwatering culinary experiences. Simply perusing the advertising is a joy in itself!

Dutton Island Preserve Fishing Pier

Restricted Airspace Aerial UAV Drone Photography of Dutton Island Preserve

I wanted to share my experience with this specific mission in order to hopefully help fellow UAV Pilots understand what they are confronted with and demystify the process. I’ll be using this mission at the Dutton Island Preserve in Atlantic Beach, FL that lies within the restricted Airspace of NAS Mayport as an example. However, the process will be similar in the restricted airspace of most Military Air Stations, especially on the East Coast.

Historic Savannah, GA

Aerial View of Historic Savannah, GA

he Talmadge Memorial Bridge, Port of Savannah, the Savannah Convention Center and the Westin are all visible from left to right in the background. The center foreground features the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist.