One of the perks of being in the photography and videography business, especially as a certified commercial remote pilot, has to be the diversity of interesting people you meet and the great projects you get to participate in. Sometimes it’s all about location, location, location! I’ve been participating in a Coast Guard funded Pilot Program with America’s Boating channel. It’s their need for a Certified Drone Pilot in Ponte Vedra Beach that led them directly to me. An FAA Part 107 certified remote Pilot was crucial to moving forward with a drone demonstration at the Sawgrass Mariott. On a smaller scale, there are treasures right in my backyard that are worth their weight in gold! One great example of one of those little treasures is the Living Luxe Magazine! Just like America’s Boating Channel, living in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, was the focal point of the connection!

Living Luxe Magazine - Serving Florida's First Coast - Official Magazine of the Golden Coast - Fall 2022 - September - November

I was contacted by Pamela Anderson, the publisher of Living Luxe Magazine regarding aerial photography for a story featuring Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. A quick visit to, the website for Luxe Publishing, and I was totally impressed by the quality and nature of the content within the quarterly publications. A true Jewel of Florida’s First Coast that catered exactly to my person…a homegrown testament to our wonderful beach communities and lifestyle!

Coastline aerial image from out at sea chosen to be in the Living Luxe Magazine
Early morning wide aerial view of the NE Florida Coastline

The above image was selected by Pamela to be published in the Fall Edition of Living Luxe Magazine, an early morning aerial photograph from out at sea. Centered on the county line separating St Johns county and Duval County, this is an ultra-wide view of our coastline, from St Augustine to the left and Jacksonville at the far right!

First 2 pages of the layout portraying the coastline image in the Living Luxe Magazine

I have to hand it to Pamela, she was absolutely amazing to work with and extremely patient. Work had me traveling to the West Coast for a Columbia River Bar project with the Crew of America’s Boating Channel as I had just arrived from another remote shoot. The situation had me juggling work and jetlag taking longer than usual to coordinate messages between flights. I eventually was able to set up from my iPhone a mechanism to efficiently download such a large image. Seeing the end result, it was definitely worth the cooperative effort!

Last 2 pages of the layout portraying the coastline image in the Living Luxe Magazine

I feel grateful and fortunate, my image was integrated within a wonderful layout occupying four pages. I find the photograph is accompanied by a wonderful article documenting the history and evolution of Ponte Vedra Beach, Living the High Life. The (continued) evolution of Ponte Vedra Beach …by Hannah Van Sickle.

Living Luxe Magazine is available online and in print. I highly recommend putting your hands on the print edition, the feel of the paper alone is a luxury lifestyle experience. Luxe Living Magazine will immerse you in our very own special local flavor of Florida as well as transport you across the nation to experience some of the finest destinations, cultures, and mouthwatering culinary experiences. Simply perusing the advertising is a joy in itself!

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    1. Thank You, I always enjoy waiting with anticipation to see an image of mine in the final print. I absolutely love the layout and I truly enjoy the magazine. Helping promote our wonderful corner of Florida makes it all that much more special!

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