Local Squadron Contributes Video Footage for America’s Boating Channel’s INLET DRONE VIDEOS Service Offering

In 2023, America’s Boating Channel, the boating safety and boater education video service of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), increased its coverage of high-traffic waterway entrances from three in 2022 to nine in 2023 for its INLET DRONE VIDEOS service offering.

The enormous expansion was possible thanks to a remarkable collaboration between local USPS members and the professionals at America’s Boating Channel. The nine 2023 videos show recreational boaters what to expect and what to avoid on their first sorties through dangerous and challenging along the East Coast, stretching from the Piscataqua River Inlet in New Hampshire to the Hillsboro Inlet in South Florida. Working closely with local squadron members who provided boat operators and local experts at each inlet, America’s Boating Channel’s professional production team, including a licensed drone pilot, provided on-site guidance and direction.

Even more remarkable is the story of video production for Oceanside, CA,  the tenth inlet video, which marks the way forward to even more expansive growth in 2024 and beyond. Video footage, including onboard a boat crossing the inlet and from a drone overhead, was captured entirely by local United States Power Squadron members from the Oceanside, CA Squadron without additional members of America’s Boating Channel production team on-site. This achievement marked a critical milestone as we continue the national rollout to complete a total of 40 Inlet Drone Videos by the close of 2025.

America’s Boating Channel professionals fully supported the local squadron members from early to advanced planning for the local shoots. Through online Zoom meetings, our dedicated team assisted local squadron members in meticulously planning their Boat Run and Drone Aerial Videography, ensuring the highest quality in each video recording session.

The process of creating the boat run and drone video footage is surprisingly straightforward. We’ve streamlined the process to its fundamentals, utilizing your smartphone on the boat and a small inexpensive drone for the aerial footage.

As we conclude our 2023 shooting schedule, we are excitedly gearing up for the national rollout. We’ve prepared a video that outlines the straightforward process for any squadron to participate and deliver all the necessary elements for a successful Inlet Drone Video of their local inlet.

Now is the perfect time to submit your inlet for consideration. We are in the planning phase for our 2024 season and would greatly value your input. For the upcoming year, we plan to produce 12 Inlet Drone Videos, with an additional 15 slated for 2025.

United States Power Squadrons can easily submit their inlets for the Drone Video Project at https://www.dronevideoproject.com/

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