As a photographer, sharing our work and having an online presence can be rewarding in many ways. Yes, having our images appreciated always feels good, especially when venturing into new horizons with a UAV such as aerial drone photography. As I embark on a photographic journey led by new technologies, opportunities tend to unravel before me. From Television commercials to magazine spreads, these opportunities are rewarding as they bring recognition to our abilities as a photographer.

My latest mini-adventure brought me more into the world of an FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote PIlot than that of a photographer, right here in my hometown of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida! I was contacted by Marty Lafferty, Grant Project Manager for America’s Boating Channel, a registered trademark of the United States Power Squadrons. Mr. Lafferty needed an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot to present the basics of operating a drone for an upcoming project he’s managing.

The United States Power Squadron/America’s Boating Club was hosting their 2022 National Annual Meeting right in my backyard at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa. A very simple assignment that sounded fun, yet at the same time rewarding. Marty Lafferty is spearheading a project that involves having participating members dive into the world of Remote Pilots, help document inlets using the DJI Mini SE, in order to further the educational value and outreach of America’s Boating Channel.

A big perk is meeting wonderful people like Marty and his spouse, Sari. Wishing then the best on this new venture for America’s Boating Channel and hopefully, our paths will cross once again. For now, you can preview the video from their Facebook page here below.


Drone Video Workshop

ICYMI, the Drone Video Workshop from the USPS 2022 National Annual Meeting with thanks to remote pilot Steve Troletti…

Posted by America’s Boating Channel on Saturday, February 26, 2022

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