Back in 2017, Nikon celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Back then it was an important event and Nikon was well promoted throughout the industry for standing the test of time. While companies like Fuji and Sony were pushing mirrorless, Canon and Nikon were far from following. It took another 2 years for Nikon to bring to market its professional Mirrorless Camera bodies. In 2018 Nikon introduced the Z6 and the Z7 that were made available in the Fall of that year.

In the last 5 years, Nikon took a big leap forward as it strengthened its mirrorless lineup by introducing two consumer bodies, the Full Frame Z5 and the crop Factor Z50. Naturally, they also strengthened their market offerings by complimenting their lineup with brand new Z mount lenses.

Going back to all the 100th Anniversary Hype, there was quite a bit of talk about Nikon not making it, speculation based on DSLR sales dwindling as Mirrorless sales were skyrocketing. Thinking back on that time, I was happy for a different reason, I was offered an 8-page spread in Paris France in the French Version of Digital Photo Magazine published by Oracom.

Although I published the above article, I never published the entire spread as it was scheduled to be reprinted in associated media by Oracom. 5 Years later, I was just looking back and I think it’s time to publish it. I had great fun working with Oracom producing this interview in French just like I did with Lexus Canada creating a short film.

Here it is, in its original French version, my interview with Oracom in Paris France for Nikon’s 100th Celebration!

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