Touching the Berlin Wall by Steve Troletti

Touching the Berlin Wall by Steve Troletti

The first thought in Peoples mind when you talk about Germany, apart from World War II, is the Berlin Wall. Many tourists, when visiting Berlin, follow the signs leading to what’s left of the Berlin Wall. Apart from a small symbolic remain, there’s also indications around Berlin as to where the wall once stood. The wall that used to separate East Germany from the rest of the world has now been replaced by a bustling modern cityscape.  Modern high rise buildings spanning from what was once East and West uniting both sides as one.

Not everyone will get a chance to visit Berlin and touch the Berlin Wall. That’s not a big problem for Montrealers. In 1992, the city of Berlin, Germany, gave a segment of the Berlin wall to the city of Montreal. This was a gift in honor of Montreal’s 350th birthday. Its stands on display, easily accessible to all who visit Montreal in the Centre de Commerce mondial de Montréal. Many Montrealers don’t realize that right here, in our own backyard, stands a piece of history. Right in the middle of what was once Fortification Lane, stands a piece of the Berlin Wall, for all to see and touch.

Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: Art In and Around the City / Expositions d'art &emdash; The Berlin Wall - World Trade Center Montreal

Berlin Wall – World Trade Center Montreal

I not only see the Berlin Wall as a piece of history. Sure its fall is a symbol of freedom for many. I see the Berlin wall as more. It was a growing ever changing canvas. The Graffiti covered section of wall sitting in Montreal, is a piece of that canvas. Each and every piece of the Berlin Wall now stands as a Work of Art!

Whether you’re a tourist visiting Montreal or a resident headed to Old Montreal you should plan on stopping by the Montreal World Trade Center. Points of interest in addition to the Berlin Wall are, shops, restaurants, Amphitrite Fountain Statue, large black marble table fountain, Fortification Lane and much more. It’s easily accessible from the Square Victoria Metro Station via Montreal’s underground CityRESO. Even in winter you can make it from Place des Arts to the Bonaventure Central Station without stepping out into the bitter cold.

Pieces of the Berlin Wall are on display in many cities around the world. Chances are there’s a piece on display in your city or nearby and you weren’t even aware of its existence. You can refer to this article from Wikipedia to see if there’s a piece on display in your city: WIKIPEDIA

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