Steve Troletti Photo - Tempus Aura: OWLS / CHOUETTES ET HIBOUX (Strigidae Tytonidae) &emdash; Barred Owl / Chouette rayée - Strix varia 8106228

Anyone accustomed to the outdoors is usually aware that a bunch of over excited crows could lead to a predator sighting. Anything from a mammal such as a Red Fox to a bird of prey like a Great Horned Owl. This weekend a Barred Owl I was photographing caught the attention of crows. It was the second time in two days that the crows decided to mouth off in an attempt to intimidate this predator.

This time it was a little different. There were less crows than usual but they seemed more bold and determined. They got much closer to the Owl than they usually did. The action got further up in the trees and I knew it was impossible to capture a good image. I decided to leave my DSLR in Video mode and capture some of the excitement. A few minutes into the feud a crow made a bold and daring move as it jumped the owls head. The Barred Owl flew away and this ended the whole thing.

This was the first time I actually witnessed the crows being bold enough to make contact with a larger bird of prey!


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