Styrofoam Montreal Metro Station - Prop for Warm Bodies

Styrofoam Montreal Metro Station – Prop for Warm Bodies

With Halloween around the corner this city is just getting SPOOKIER! While exploring Montreal I came across what seemed to be a Metro Station Entrance! I knew there weren’t any around the area. It was built on a vacant lot and sure enough the doors looked authentic. The graffiti etched in the glass lead me to believe it just wasn’t all that new. I snapped a few pictures and walked the sidewalk to the Lot entrance for a closer inspection. As I walked onto the lot I was quickly intercepted by a security guard who politely exclaimed, in french, “Sir, you can’t go near this!” I was surprised as there was not a single posted sign indicating there was no access. I asked why? What is it? Is it a New Metro Station? The security guard explained how it was a styrofoam prop of a Metro station. It was built to film a scene of the upcoming Zombie Movie starring John Malkovich, “Warm Bodies”. An authentic looking structure that seemed like concrete in real life was really just a wood frame with a Styrofoam shell. I asked about the doors. They seemed authentic enough! The doors were the old doors from the Lionel-Groulx Metro Station.

So if you’re looking for a Good Zombie Movie filmed in Montreal checkout Warm Bodies to be released in 2012:

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