As many of you know I’m a contributor at the along with Gary, Jeremy and our founding father, Trevor. This week’s challenge by Trevor; “2014 Challenge, Week 48 Landscape – Cityscapes/Townscapes” and that’s exactly what I set out to do from atop Montreal’s highest summit, the Mount Royal. Actually that’s Montreal’s only summit :-)

montreal Once at the lookout, I scouted my vantage point and opted for a larger view of the Montreal cityscape. I was a little early but wanted to be fully setup for a long exposure as the sun set into twilight. Once setup I waited for the perfect light getting some Instagrams out just to keep warm. Meanwhile the cloud texture I was gambling on was quickly disappearing to eventually be replaced by a cloudy haze.

_8103655-montreal-dusk-downtown-sm The image I chose was a 30 second exposure at twilight. Got some color in the sky as the lights were slowly turning on in all the city buildings. The long exposure softened out the sky.

Nikon D810 ISO64 24mm f/22 30sec Tiffen Variable ND (APP 7stops) Exposed using Triggertrap.

As the 2014 season of the Photo Challenge comes to an end, I invite you to join us and get ready for a fun-filled 2015 Challenge at

Until then, if you’re visiting Montreal and want to capture a cityscape of your own, here’s the map with the location. From Redpath Crescent it’s a quick climb up a few thousand stairs. If you park near Beaver Lake it’s an easy walk with very little climbing to do compared to the staircases.

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