Last May I was honored to receive the Dorothy Benson Trophy and the Zoology award form the Montreal Camera Club. Both of these awards reflect the hard work I invest in documenting the Nature and Wildlife that surrounds us.

Dorothy Benson Trophy - Photo by Cindy Canavan MCCDorothy Benson Trophy – Photo by Cindy Canavan MCC

What is even more rewarding is that the prizes were awarded to a collection of Nature and Wildlife images that were taken under ethical conditions. No baiting, calling or any other deceitful tactics that would disturb, harm, destroy the natural habitat or alter the behavior of the animals in question. I believe the love and respect I have for the flora and fauna that surrounds us was perfectly captured in these images. I think the judges thought so as well.

Zoology Award - Photo Cindy Canavan MCCZoology Award – Photo Cindy Canavan MCC

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