Élage Diouf : Révélations Musicales Radio-Canada 2011-2012 - by Steve Troletti
Élage Diouf : Révélations Musicales Radio-Canada 2011-2012 – Photo by Steve Troletti

A good friend of mine saw my latest Blog Post on Élage Diouf in concert on La Rue Masson (La Rue Kitetonne) and forwarded me an e-mail regarding this latest announcement.

CBC’s french division, Radio Canada through “Espace Musique” http://www.espace.mu/  Radio Web Site has announced Élage Diouf as one of their Musical Revelations for 2011-2012. This comes as no surprise to me, as I was just recently introduced to the band and as I blogged about a few days ago, I was pleasantly thrilled by their performance.

Congratulations to Élage Diouf!

You can read Philippe Fehmiu post on Espace Musique @ http://www.espace.mu/Monde/Lu-Vu-Entendu/1470

More pictures and blog about Élage Diouf in Concert on La Promenade Masson (La Rue Kitetonne) on TroletttiPhoto.com

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