Pigeon found dead after Killing Spree

Pigeon found dead after Killing Spree

Litter, trash, broken glass bottles, prostitution, used condoms and drug paraphernalia are all common sites in Montreal‘s Ile de la visitation Nature Park. (Photos: GALLERY1 – GALLERY2) What I wasn’t expecting was a killing spree in Montreal that left a large number of dead birds along it’s shoreline. As I was taking photos an elderly man approached me and started a conversation. I brought up the dead birds and he informed me that young men were shooting at birds and squirrels with a pellet gun (Hand Gun).

It goes without mention that I’m already disgusted by the general state of this nature park. The rest of Montreal and it’s parks are not much better. Even paid outdoor venues like the Montreal Botanical Garden are seeing a local crowd that grows less and less respectful every passing year. A lack of responsible and mature surveillance of the facilities and parks has left much of Montreal a free for all reflecting a great lack of respect for the environment and public property. This attitude seems to be mutual between residents and civil servants alike.

Dead Blackbird after Killing SpreeDead Blackbird after Killing Spree

A troubling fact is that even though shooting wildlife in a Montreal Nature park is at the very least against the rules and regulations, you’re not going to see any serious action taken to dither this behavior. The general attitude in Montreal is simple, these birds and mammals are considered a nuisance! Yes any blackbird, pigeon, gull, rodent is a nuisance! Even better, in Quebec you can get a hunting license to go out and kill these pesky undesirable creatures. Hunting for the purpose of destruction, not food!

 If you witness such behavior please report it to authorities immediately. When used irresponsibly BB guns and pellet guns may cause severe injuries to humans as well as death in certain cases.

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