It’s been awhile since I truly updated you all as 2017 was a busy year. Looking back, I can’t believe how much was accomplished and how quickly it was all over. In retrospective it looks like photography at its simplest state took a back seat. There was a great deal to take care of and prepare for as 2018 drew remarkably closer and closer. I barely had time to surface and catch my breath…



One of the fun-filled events of 2017 was the celebration of Nikon’s 100th Anniversary. I had the privilege of participating in these activities with a gracious invitation by Digital Photo Magazine in Paris, France. They offered me an eight page spread including text and photos. Once again, just like Lexus Automobiles did,  I was given the opportunity to not only share my work but to relay a message of respect for nature and ethical wildlife photography.



On the flip side at the Photo Challenge, there’s bad news accompanied with good news. As most of you know, I’m a long-time contributor to the PhotoChallenge. In 2017 we were into our ninth year as an unfortunate turn of events took by surprise. Trevor Carpenter, the founder of the PhotoChallenge passed away. Trevor had been fighting Leukemia for years, it wasn’t an easy battle. After many ups and downs, I personally thought Trevor was headed for a remarkable recovery when the unexpected occurred.



In honor of Trevor Carpenter we relaunched the PhotoChallenge as the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge and this January 2018 we are celebrating a decade-long legacy of photography challenges originally brought to us by Trevor on January 2008.


10th Anniversary-2


You’re all invited to join the Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge and participate in our 10th anniversary celebrations. Just visit our brand new web site for all the details ( or visit our Facebook group and join a community of over 3500 photography lovers.


The whole team is waiting for you. A special surprise, Jeremy Brooks will be coming back for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations. You are some of the first people to hear about this as it has not yet been officially announced at the Photo Challenge. Jeanie, Maaike, Eric, Jeremy and myself will be contributing new and exciting 10th anniversary Photo Challenges while bringing back some of our best archived Photo Challenges from the last decade as they were originally brought to us by Trevor Carpenter.


You may have noticed that the new Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge is hosted by If you’re wondering what Tempus Aura Photography is, well it’s simple. In 2017 we decided to venture out in photography outside the realm of Nature and Wildlife in a more commercial way. Steve Troletti Photography will maintain a focus on Editorial, Nature and Wildlife Photography as Tempus Aura is our new photography studios specializing in Corporate Events, 360 Degree Real Estate Photography and virtual tours. Visit and take a look around.



I think you all had a chance to meet our little mascot and personally my best friend Caesar. Caesar is a nine month old (four months at the time of the picture)  Barred Parakeet also known as a Lineolated Parakeet or just Linny for short. Caesar halfway to being an adult. He should reach full maturity at the age of eighteen months. This means he’s just 9 months away to becoming an ambassador for Ethical Nature Wildlife Photography as we will continue our venture in building awareness as we keep on introducing new generations of young photographers to the beauty that surrounds us, the flora and fauna of planet earth. If you want a glimpse at just how rewarding it is to share my passion with younger generations of Nature and Wildlife Photographer’s check out my article: “Introducing the CEP Students in Switzerland to Nature and Wildlife Photography.




Meanwhile we’ll just let him grow up and play as much as a young little parakeet wants to. He still has to go through his teenage months where we expect him to behave as badly as he can before becoming a wonderfully nice and gentle adult Linny.






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