One of the more interesting sites I encountered on my journey through Ontario, Canada, was by far this historical site, the Rockingham Church and St. Leonard’s Anglican Cemetery. Ironicaly I would have entirely missed it if it wasn’t for a small group of people exiting the front gate onto the street. Nestled atop a little hill, this little jewel can be easily missed. We actually drove right by as it took my brain a few seconds to figure out what we had just missed



A quick climb to the top and you’re quickly brought back in time. The grounds are covered with head stones dating back almost two centuries.


Rockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican Cemetery - Interior HDR


The interior quickly reveals the great deal of effort invested in maintaining this historical little church. Surprisingly the door is kept unlocked for all to visit freely.



The Rockingham Church is still very useable and entirely functional down to the last detail. Even the old organ piano stands intact amidst the little church.


Rockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican Cemetery


These unique grounds, tucked in and surrounded by trees atop the hill are a true gift to photographers. I decided this was the perfect location for some infrared images. The mood, the history and the photogenic characteristics of the emplacement make it an ideal stop for anyone who wants to take their creativity to the next level.


Rockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican Cemetery - IR


Please show respect when visiting such marvelous sites. People have invested a great deal of money and energy to restore and preserve these historical grounds. There’s a guest book and a donation box at the entrance of the church. Don’t forget to leave a small token of your appreciation…


The Church is located at –



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