Feta, the Patriotic Budgie

You guessed it, I don’t have a Bald Eagle, but I have the next best thing, a patriotic Budgie with the basic features and colors of the Bald Eagle. White and Black Feathers, Yellowish Beak, Wings, etc…


All joking apart this was Feta’s (A.K.A. Little Girl) favorite perch, the American Flag. She’s since passed away but the flag still stands strong…


For some of us, pride in the American Flag has lost some of it’s symbolization as we relate to current events. We currently have a President, sold to us on a Daytime Talk Show. A President quick to hand over command of the Coast Guard to a British Multi National Petroleum Company. A President who delivered very little of what he promised but hypocritically strengthened internal policies with NON AMERICAN VALUS, policies he was suppose to abolish. Our current situation doesn’t seem to be headed in any better direction.


A Nation supposedly against communism who has sold its economy to Communist Red China, instead of building a stronger, better America for all Americans.


Fortunately, pride in our Flag has very little to do with current events. Today marks 240 years, making the last eight or even sixteen years, seem insignificant in the realm of things. National Unity made us STRONG and National Unity can make us STRONG again.


This little flag (NOT MADE IN CHINA) on a little wood stick is impressively strong in itself. It’s been with me for at least the last ten years and was one of the first American Flags my Youngest Son ever picked up in his hands.


Wavin, Flag


It all started about eleven years ago on Memorial Day in Westwood, California. More precisely the Los Angeles National Cemetery. My youngest Son who had just joined the Boy Scouts, was participating in a Memorial Day Celebration, erecting these same little flags in front of the head stones of our fallen heroes.


Danny setting Flags with the help of his older brother, David…


These little flags didn’t just unite these two brothers, but a whole Boy Scout Troop, hundreds of children and their families. These little flags were also the foundation for honor and respect of others, those who have fought for our freedom. What we do with that freedom today is our responsibility.


Since that day, this little flag has flown proudly on my jeep and followed me around the world. It now rests atop a shelf unit in my house, bearing very few scars from a very active past.


Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day and a Great 240th Anniversary!

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