If you’re looking to give your images a surreal look, Infrared photography is probably one of your best bets. Yesterday I decided to head out to the cemetery and create some spooky looking images.

Cemetery IR Cimetière

The Sun wasn’t quite at the rendez-vous and that turned out just fine. The longer exposures necessary to properly expose my infrared images opened the door to some creative ideas. Although I set out to create infrared images, having to expose for over 90 seconds had me twiddling my thumbs. I decided to insert myself in the images for a portion of the exposure. The result, a Translucent Ghostly Steve Troletti.


The Ghost of Monther's tomb

The creative process didn’t end at the cemetery. During post processing a few of the images inspired me to create an animated gif. This is just a quick put together. I’ll keep juggling with the idea until I figure out something cool and equally spooky for Halloween 🙂


Steve Troletti Ghost Hunter

Summer happens to be the best time to focus on some Infrared Photography. Mid-day light that is just too harsh for traditional nature and wildlife photography is actually great for bringing out contrasts in your Infrared images. This time I was just testing out the Nikon D810 with the Nikkor 24mm lens. The D810 performs great but the 24mm like many quality lenses produces an infrared hot-spot. I’ll have to find a full frame FX lens that’s better adapted to the task for false color IR.


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