Already the end of January and I ‘m only at my first blog of the year. 2015 started off with a huge workload. In addition I’m preparing a new conference for the end of February.

Tree SparrowTree Sparrow

For my first blog, I chose the small American Tree Sparrow. A little bird that nests in the tundra and the northern edge of the boreal forest in northern Canada and Alaska. In Southern Quebec, winter marks a special occasion to observe this little bird. It distinguishes itself from other sparrows with its rusty cap and a gray chest with a characteristic black mark. The lower part of its beak is yellow.

Tree SparrowTree Sparrow

In the Montreal area, one can easily observe them at Bois Papineau located on St-Martin Boulevard between Pie-IX and Papineau. They can be found at the feeders on the other side of the railway from the parking lot. The feeders have been there for more than 20 years. They are not as well maintained as in the past and they are now only stocked with sunflower seeds. I suggest bringing a mixture of seeds and corn that may be more appealing to sparrows and doves.

Here’s a 360 view of the feeders where you can find a large variety of winter forest birds to observe.

Broken car window - Bois PapneauBroken car window – Bois Papneau

Be extremely careful in winter as in summer. The owner of this car had hidden a small bag under the front seat of this car. There wasn’t much, keys and mail for her daughter. The thief must surely have seen observing this lady hide the bag, he knew exactly where it was concealed. Hide your valuables before you reach your destination. This scene is not uncommon and is becoming an increasing occurrence in most Nature parks, winter like summer.

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