Here is a small shorebird that that I take great pleasure in photographing. With a bit of patience and respect, the Least Sandpiper adapts quite well to our presence . Maybe even a little too well. This Least sandpiper spend most of it’s time in close proximity, making it impossible to photograph with my telephoto lenses.

Least sandpiperLeast sandpiper

The Least Sandpiper may prove a little difficult to photograph as it is constantly on the move in search of food. Investing a little time observing the Least Sandpiper through your lens will get you accustomed quickly to it’s movements, allowing you to keep great memories of such a privileged encounter.

This seems to be a good year for shorebirds along the St Lawrence River. Large numbers and a good variety of shorebirds have been reported. With a little luck, we should be spoiled by their presence in the Montreal area for the fall migration.

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