Little Green Grasshopper Tettigoniidae - (Tettigoniidae / Katydid) - Nuns

Little Green Grasshopper Tettigoniidae – (Tettigoniidae / Katydid) – Nuns’ Island

It seems that no matter where you go on this planet you can find a grasshopper. Well, maybe not in Antarctica. What surprises me is the variety of grasshoppers. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I found the little green one above from Eastern Canada as kind of odd. I haven’t yet had a chance to ID it properly. (Tettigoniidae)

Grasshopper - Chables SwitzerlandGrasshopper – Chables Switzerland

This one above is your more typical looking grasshopper. I found this one in the orchard of the prestigious commune of Chables in Switzerland. In the pre-alps of Fribourg I even spotted some large green grasshoppers measuring almost 5 inches in length.

Spider Stalking grasshopper - Sorens SwitzerlandSpider Stalking grasshopper – Sorens Switzerland

To my disbelief I found Grasshoppers falling prey to much smaller predators. In the above image the spider took control of the grasshopper in under a second. Before I could click the shutter one more time, it was all over.

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