Spring has been having a hard time settling in the Greater Montreal Region. As of Sunday the 20th of April many ponds, lakes and marshes have yet to sink, remaining mostly iced up. This is a huge contrast in comparison to the previous years. Bird migrations are totally off and I’ve just only seen my first Warbler.

Wood Frog in Marsh - Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature ParkWood Frog in Marsh – Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park

To my surprise, an other long awaited sign of Spring, the sound of Wood Frogs. The entire marsh had come alive with thousands of frogs. At times the sound was deafening, but a  true pleasure to finally hear.

All around the marsh, Wood Frogs cold be seen leaving the water and quietly scattering into the woods. Although we could hear a variety of frogs singing, the Wood Frog was by far the must present and active.

Wood Frog Crossing Gravel Path - Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature ParkWood Frog Crossing Gravel Path – Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park

For a great Nature experience in the heart of Montreal, visit the Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park. The mix of marshes, wooded areas and open fields is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians…

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