The Bat Cave - by Steve Troletti

The Bat Cave – by Steve Troletti

It’s “The Bat Cave” and I found it! After years of scouring through every nick and cranny of Gotham City, I, Steve Troletti, Adventurer and Photographer, have found, “The Bat Cave”!

Yes it was hard and at times so difficult I almost gave up. All my hard work has finally paid off! I present to you, the entrance to “The Bat Cave”!

Batman and Robin don’t really work out of there anymore. It’s now been turned into a hight tech private training facility for sports enthusiasts and multi-disciplinary athletes of all levels. The facilities feature a Bat Room and the web site is complimented by the Bat Blogue. (Blogue being french for Blog) The Bat Cave offers Quebec‘s Athletes a full solution with planning and follow-up of personalized training programs, nutrition, therapeutic massages, sports injury healing and a wide variety of technological approaches to maximize each and every athletes individual training needs.

You can check out their web site at:
Don’t forget about the Bat Blogue (BAT BLOG):

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