Doggy Poop Etiquette 101 - Photo by Steve Troletti
Doggy Poop Etiquette 101 – Photo by Steve Troletti

Today while walking the City Streets of Montreal I came across a form of urban rebellion against citizen’s doggy Poop Management. A form of education in DOGGY POOP ETIQUETTE! While City Residents seem cooperative in picking up their dog’s poop it would appear they make quick work to dispose of it inappropriately before they even reach the first public trashcan. Trashcans can be hard to find in some neighborhoods, sometimes impossible in winter, but still no excuse for dumping any trash in the streets.

One citizen has taken matters into his/her own hands and decided to take on the gigantuous task of educating his/her fellow residents in the art of Doggy Poop Etiquette.

A couple of Dog Poop bags gathered under a sign (Written in French) at the base of a tree reads:

TRANSLATED: “BRAVO! You’ve picked up your dog’s poop. The next step would be to put the bag in a trashcan. Help us keep our neighborhood clean. Thanks!

Signed: A resident and dog owner”

A valiant effort but a true waste of time and energy. In the past I’ve documented the filthy habits of Montrealers and there’s just a total disregard for cleanliness and mutual respect. An overly abundant number of Montrealers appear to love rolling around in their own poop. City Streets are used as trashcans and so are the shores surrounding the city, a city that’s an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay prides himself in the City’s green initiatives. The truth is there’s nothing green about Montreal except for politically motivated initiatives that have barely any positive or real life impact on our environment. It’s all a a cloud of smoke, Green Smoke!

From time to time I’ll be adding pictures to my Litter Photo Gallery:

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