As many of you know, I was involved in many environmental organizations around the world. From Switzerland to Canada and the United States. It’s an incredible amount of work and an incredible amount of energy to dedicate to a process that has become overly political.


Hirondelles rustiques - Barn Swallows


Photography, ethical nature and wildlife photography brought me to the realization that our natural heritage was hurting badly. It’s photography that brought me to the world of conservation. I met some great people and I got involved in some great projects. Unfortunately conservation takes up a great deal of one’s time. Maybe I made a mistake and I got involved in too many issues scattered all over the world. From issues in Europe, Canada and the United States, I stretched myself for quite a few years. Hopefully I will have made a difference and helped pave the way to a better future for our natural heritage.


Last December I decided to quit, quit my direct involvement as president, director, member and contributor of many different organizations across the globe. Most importantly I quit as President of the friends of the Îles-de-Boucherville National Park. I quit as contributor and member to pro-Natura, SOS Nature Protection, Quebec Nature, Snap Quebec, CPAWS, Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, Quebec Oiseaux and many more. My wallet was full of cards but I seemed to have lost my own identity in trying to help nature.


At some point I felt I had offered all that I could for now. I needed to regroup myself, my energies, and refocus, evolve as things seem to be getting stale or simply moving backwards in the conservation world.


Cascading Waterfalls with Autumn Colors



My first order of business is to refocus on Nature and Wildlife Photography. I got so involved in helping nature that my photography work suffered. A basic lack of balance between the two.


Nature and Wildlife photography is our open window on our natural heritage. Only ongoing documentation of the state of our natural world can clarify the state we are leaving our planet in. I feel that while I was working in saving natural habitats, I lost the feel of the impact of our human imprint on nature.


Fields of Pods - IR


Environmental photography as inspired by Canadian Photographer Edward Burtynsky is what led me to documenting our natural world. I have to take a step back and reconnect with that first inspiration.


2018 will be my refocus year as a photographer. Many techniques I’ve developed will be fine-tuned and put into practice to give you, my friends and audience, a new outlook on our natural world.


As usual I will maintain and continue to preach ETHICAL Nature and Wildlife Photography in every aspect of my work.



Naturally there are a great deal of individuals who had an impact on life and my vision as I was directly involved in conservation efforts. No matter how small or how big of an impact they had, they were an important part of my past journey and I wish to thank them as I make my temporary goodbye.

Amis du Parc National des Îles-de-Boucherville

Claude Dionne

Gérald Taliana

Hélène Pelletier

Jean Hubert

Josée Dandurand

Marcel Couture

Pierre Vaillancourt

Serge Charron

Yves Lamarche

Amis du Parc Michel-Chartrand

Denis Fournier


Alexandre Brosseau

Annick Boisvert

Annie Levesque

Cédric Landuydt

Daniel Groleau

John McKay

Nathalie Rivard

Pierre Wery

Robert Renaud


Alain Branchaud


Silva Semadeni

Rosmarie Eichenberger


Jean-Sébastien Guenette

Stéphane Lamoureu

SOS Nature

Cédric Yoder

Elise Renaud

Erik Grumberg


Christian Simard


David Szymanski


Isabelle Tessier – MFFP

Ministre Luc Blanchette – MFFP

Ministre Lucie Charlebois –

Manon Carignan – MFFP

Jean Martel – Boucherville

Johann Schneider-Ammann – Federal Council

Xavier Barsalou-Duval – Bloc Québécois


A special Thank You to Denis Caouette – Inspecteur chef, Police de Longueuil for his incredible help and work in getting the Nautical Patrol back on the water.



A special thanks goes out to Nikon FranceOracomLexus CanadaPatrick Langlois and Flavia Dalmasso for giving me public opportunities to communicate my message of awareness and appreciation of nature.


If I missed anyone, I do apologize, I’ll come back and adjust things as I remember them.



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