A little while back the folks at SleekLens asked me to take a look at some of their PhotoShop actions and LightRoom presets. They wanted me to be totally honest in my review of the products. Being a Nature and Wildlife Photographer, I was immediately honest in the fact that most of my photography is editorial, using very little post processing and that I didn’t photograph people, at least I try really hard not to.


However, they did have a Landscape Adventure Collection that peaked my interest. I hadn’t used lightroom presets since the days of LightRoom 2. With Nikon’s new D300s and D3s the service and support for Adobe in India did everything in their power to chase me away from lightroom and its inadequate support of my new cameras. With Nikon discontinuing NX2, I’ve slowly started using LightRoom, but PhotoShop is still my preference with many years of experience behind me. With that in mind I opted for PhotoShop Actions.


The first thing that came to mind was Fall Colors, getting more impact with less work could be a welcome addition to my workflow. I just had to tryout their PhotoShop Actions to put Sleek Lens’ Landscape Adventure Collection to the test.


The SleekLens Landscape Adventure Collection arrived via email and included links to an installation video tutorial and a Landscape Adventure Collection PhotoShop Workflow video tutorial presented below.



Since Fall colors were still not close to being present, I opted for an older image of mine, an image of a waterfall with colorful vegetation and blue skies. This image as it all from colorful highlights to dark rock details.


Cascading Waterfalls with Autumn Colors


To create the above image, quite a bit of time was invested to replicate the natural beauty in a natural way. I figured if I could replicate or improve upon this image in less time with the SleekLens Landscape Adventure Collection, it would be a winner.




As you can see, right out of the box, with very little tinkering and without watching the workflow tutorial, I was able to create a vibrant image of my waterfall using the PhotoShop Actions part of the Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection. Naturally as I get more comfortable with the product and add my personal tweaks to the overall process I’ll have an image that’s unique to my style, with less effort while maintaining a professional elegance to my final image.


We’re naturally just scratching the surface of the capabilities of the SleekLens Landscape Adventure Collection as it encompasses dozens and dozens of preset PhotoShop Actions that I have yet to truly explore. The list is so long I’d have to display it over multiple pages.


I’ll be bringing you more from Sleeklens.com in the upcoming months as I further experiment with their products.


The tutorials are made available to you and I highly encourage you to visit their web site for all of their PhotoShop Actions and LightRoom Presets.


WEB SITE – https://sleeklens.com

LIGHTROOM PRESETS – https://sleeklens.com/product-category/lightroom-presets/

PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS – https://sleeklens.com/product-category/photoshop-actions/

LANDSCAPE ADVENTURE COLLECTION – PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS – https://sleeklens.com/product/landscape-adventure-photoshop-actions/


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