It seems like just yesterday we could see these little fluff balls scooting along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Little Spotted Sandpipers barely visible in the tall grass.

Spotted Sandpiper chick hiding in the tall grass Spotted Sandpiper chick hiding in the tall grass

In the blink of an eye they grew up. Suddenly, theses Spotted Sandpipers have invaded the shores of the Saint Lawrence River. They are now very visible in the Greater Montreal area, including the North and South Shore of Montreal.

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper scouring for food along the shoreJuvenile Spotted Sandpiper scouring for food along the shore

Juveniles differ in coloration. Their chests are not spotted like that of the adults. The detail of the eyes seems to be there from birth to full maturity.

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper on the rocksJuvenile Spotted Sandpiper on the rocks

These juvenile Spotted Sandpipers don’t sit still one single second. They are constantly on the move in search of food. The large number of these birds does not come without its problems.

Dispute between two juvenile Spotted SandpipersDispute between two juvenile Spotted Sandpipers

Even at this young age, territorial disputes aren’t uncommon. They are constantly trying to protect their small territories as they keep on stepping on each other’s toes.

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper on the moveJuvenile Spotted Sandpiper on the move

It’s been a great pleasure observing these birds in such large numbers. I was told that last year shorebirds were scarce. Hopefully this year we’ll get to observe a large variety of shorebirds in the vicinity of the Greater Montreal region.


_TRA5737-chevalier-grivele-spotted-yellowleg-sm For now we’ll continue to enjoy these Juvenile Spotted Sandpipers as they grow into adults


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