Welders Installing Videotron Antenna on top of the St-Vital Church SteepleWelders Installing Videotron Antenna on top of the St-Vital Church Steeple

In Print – Spring 2010 Edition of La Maison du 21e Siecle, originally uploaded by Steve Troletti – photos.tempusaura.com.

Here it is my first picture in print in a French Publication in Quebec, Canada. Some of you may be saying “Big Deal! You have pictures in Major US and European Publications! Why is this one important?”

The answer is quite simple. This magazine did the right thing by printing a story on a controversial subject in an objective, non bias form in order to promote debate on a subject that might be harming our children.

I took this picture under threat of death by a representative of Videotron Ltee. (Quebecor Inc.) No other media outlet in Canda had the guts to touch the story as they are in fear of reprisal from Quebecor Inc. which controls a great deal of the Media Industry in Canada.

La Maison du 21e Siecle is a great magazine bringing to life the ECO friendly home and exposing existing hazards in our current homes which may have a negative impact on our well being.

I’d like to give a big Thank You the Editor/Publisher, Andre Fauteux for publishing the Picture and a related story.

La Maison du 21e siecle magazine
2955 Domaine-lac-Lucerne
Ste-Adele Qc Canada J8B 3K9

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