Squirrel Drinking a Cup of Tim Hortons CoffeeSquirrel Drinking a Cup of Tim Hortons Coffee

Squirrel Drinking a Cup of Tim Hortons Coffee, originally uploaded by Steve Troletti – photos.tempusaura.com.

With Spring well on its way and Summer just around the corner this is a quick reminder not to litter.

Seems the second a fast food establishment settles near one of nature’s pristine sites it’s only a matter of time before the entire area is littered with that establishments wrappers and cups…

In my case it’s Tim Hortons. Not their fault. The cup clearly indicates “PLEASE DON’T LITTER”. It’s not the restaurant that litters but the low life who purchased from that restaurant.

The Montreal Back River from Papineau to PIE-IX will be littered with thousands of Tim Horton cups, wrappers and bags before the end of the season. In addition fisherman have no shame in leaving behind thousands of Styrofoam worm containers, tackle wrapping and all types of other litter.

Please Don’t Litter!

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